It’s official everyone – I’ve leveled up to bro status.

Now I’ve been building up to this for a while now. And now I’ve arrived.

It started out about a year ago, when a close friend was getting serious with the girl he was seeing (past tense because they’re married now). For some reason, he felt the need to friend-zone me further, even though we had been friends since we met and there was never any space for more. I adore him and I’m sure it’s mutual but there has never been any attraction there. And yet I was bro-fied.

A few months later a friend I enjoy flirting with asked me to set him up with someone I know. He asked me to ask around about her and see if she’d be interested. Now, let me clear: I’m not interested. But he could have been a nice plaything and now – bro-ed.

And recently… well, let me put it this way: someone used the expression ‘bros before hoes’ and in that context, I was the bro. So I give up. I’m owning it. Bro it is.